REVIEWS OF Indochine

4.5 out of 5 stars based on 754 customer reviews.

Foods always fresh. Love the Chicken curry. One of my favorites. Great atmosphere, friend services, and great food.

Michell Bailey

Food comes out fast and the waitress was very nice. Kind of worried me when she didn't write the order down but the food came out perfectly. I'd most definitely... read more


This is a great place to eat if you like Pho. I normally order the beef Pho but always have to tell them to cook the beef a little more.... read more

Vonny Baby

I had a pleasant dinner here with a group of 7 friends. The restaurant has a nice and relaxing atmosphere with convenient service. The food came out quickly and was... read more


I had a pleasant dinner here with a group of 7 friends. The restaurant has a nice and relaxing atmosphere with convenient service. The food came out quickly and was... read more

Petey Lee

Super delicious, fresh cuisine served with a smile. Whatever your palate craves, you'll find something wonderful and satisfying.

Shannon Kaye Germanos

Try their beef pho and it has great consistency. It was a great balance with all the cilantro bean sprouts and basil. The menu is alil pricey but food... read more

Dao le

Great prices and pretty good food. Very hectic inside with many to go orders. Not a place to relax.

Huachuca Kid

We love the food here, always so fresh and tasty!!

Susan Goldstein-Wallace

The wait wasn’t that long and they have an array of seating options so you can have multiple people. To my knowledge everything is really good and I got the... read more


Indochine is my new favorite spot. When it comes to Asian Cuisine; they have it covered at Indochine.

Nacresha Majusick

Visited this restaurant with my family. The staff welcomes us with smile and gave us a great service. Their food is also very nice and fresh.

Chana Reagan

Everything is delicious!!!!

Yoshiko Maydwell

Excellent food, great service 👍

Elsa Ozn

The food was really good. Plates decorated nicely. A laid back and a real family type of restaurant.

Jesus Arevalo

always great place to eat and enjoy my me time.

Elena Garcia Lmt

Good tasty food, fast service. We had Pho and rice noodles bowl with Grilled pork

Hok Lay Tjhang

Great for the whole family! Pretty inexpensive and absolutely bomb food. Pho is always on point, egg rolls are to die for. Love this place!

John Batemon

This place is a hidden gem for Asian cuisine in the middle of Sierra Vista Arizona. It's hard to spot with their small parking lot next to the fire station... read more

Rudy Baer

First time to Indochine and was very impressed. Very clean, good service, good prices and great food. Highly recommend.

Rick Sperle

absolutely delicious food... servings are great!!!
wonderful flavor!!!

Anela Serrao

Great place as a regular. The portions have become inconsistent, but the food is always delicious. Service can be hit and miss especially if you’re new, but they recognize you... read more


Really fast service and great tasting food. Prices also wont bust the bank. Originally we pulled into the Bamboo Gardens parking lot down the street and they seemed... read more

Nelson Mitchell

Ummm...Hell to the Yes!!!! This place was recommended to me when we first moved here and now I’m 100% addicted 🤣 The food is always fresh, always tastes great and... read more

Michelle Morganegg
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