Shrimp Curry (5)

Shrimp Curry (5) 13.99 Jumbo shrimp, bell peppers, onions, carrots, and coconut milk

Pan Seared Fish Fillet

Pan Seared Fish Fillet 13.99 Market fish fillet served with tomato sauce, rice and mixed greens

Crunchy Shrimp (6)

Crunchy Shrimp (6) 14.99 Jumbo shrimp golden fried to crunchy perfection, served with fries, tossed mixed green salad, and cocktail sauce

Seafood Stir-Fry

Seafood Stir-Fry 13.99 Shrimp, squid, imitation crab, clams, tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapples, onions and bok choy